Tattoo videos from Mania Tattoo Blackpool.

Videos of tattoos being done and other tattoo related videos for you to enjoy.

The BBC Tattoo Video

As we are one of the only shops out of 52 studios to get a 100% hygiene rating (only 92 % is required for a 5 star) we were included in this short dcoumentary by the BBC. They filmed for hours but used only a fraction of the footage which is a shame as there were some interesting points of view made about the rating system. Please bare in mind that having a clean shop is one thing but being able to do good tattoos is another so you still need to do your research on the tattoo shops you choose, even if they have a 5 star rating.

Mania Tattoo Blackpool on Channel 5 Tattoo Disasters

This is the first of 3 episodes that were filmed at our tattoo studio in Blackpool (the other 2 haven't been aired yet). The tattoo filming session was cut short due to an emergency with Sarah's kids so the tattoo is actually not 100% complete. The Channel 5 team were great however and a few weeks after filming one of the team travelled back to Blackpool to get a tattoo done at our studio.

The Werewolf tattoo video

This tattoo was done on the lead singer of legendary punk band 'One Way System' who now resides in USA where this tattoo is frequently complimented. The idea is based on the art work for the cult movie classic called An American Werewold in London. The soundtrack to this video is provided by Blackpool band The Drop-Out Wives.

The Evil Dead tattoo video

Inspired by the classic Evil Dead movie, this tattoo was done on the hand of another local tattoo artist. Soundtrack provided by Blackpool band Uncle Paul. This is the first video made of Dr Suave tattooing.

The Dimebag tattoo video

We were so pleased when the band Pantera actually shared our tattoo video. We received hundreds of great comments and compliments on Pantera's Facebook page. Being big Pantera fans it was a real pleasure to do the tattoo and to work on the video. The soundtrack cuts from a studio version of Pantera track 'Walk' and seemlessly cuts into the live version with a bit of slick editing by Luke. It's not just a tattoo video.......blood sweat and tears went into it.

All our timelapse videos are filmed and produced in house at Mania Tattoo Blackpool.

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Mania Tattoo featured on BBC 1 - Tattoo studios in Blackpool

Mania Tattoo featured on Channel 5 - Tattoo Disasters

Colour portrait tattoo of Dimebag Darell by Mania Tattoo Blackpool - Pantera - Walk

Werewolf Tattoo - Tattoo video - Mania Tattoo Blackpool

Evil Dead - Hand tattoo - Tattoo video - Mania Tattoo Blackpool